Am I Still A Newbie?

 If I have to ask, I guess some will think I am!!  🙂  Is there a process for determining when a new member will no longer be a newbie? (I never liked that word, newbie) LOL.  It's kinda like being a freshman in High School, everyone calls you the Newbie!!  I hated being a Newbie!! Is "Newbie" a

My ActiveRain eBook

Using, I was able to create this ebook. It was initially created to try and help visitors and readers find posts on my Blog that might be helpful to them. In an effort to try and sort them out, and make them easier to find, I was able to use wix to better organize

Activerain Blog 101 Class a Success!

Yesterday was our very First class on blogging for the Solano Association of Realtors members. I had Mike Mueller come from Patagonia Finance, (Another AR member nearby) join me in introducing Blogging and Activerain. There were about 40 people or so who attended our class. It was a great eye opener for many just starting to