Social Media Revolution Changing World

This is the newest update from Socialnomics and it’s the facts and figures here that will make your head spin. The world no longer survives and thrives on just its gravitational pull, it has Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and LinkedIn! The information age is at our fingertips with mobile access. These social media sites

Empire Avenue – Social Stock Market

Empire Avenue is capturing the attention of many social media junkies in a variety of industries and businesses.  It’s hard to resist the temptation to see your net worth based on your activities and participation in and around all the social media sites.  Sites measured are Youtube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and Empire Avenue.  Shareholders

How To Tweet in Google Plus

How do you tweet in Google +?   Well, without friends like Mike Mueller, the world may never know… I was following a few Tweets today and some Facebook friends who were posting some fun stuff on my wall when I came across this message on Twitter and then later, a link from Mike Mueller that

Create FREE iPhone HTML Signatures

Do you use your iPhone to send and receive email?  Don’t you hate that plain ol text email signature that by default reads “Sent from my iPhone” and that’s it?  You can customize your email settings to add more to the signature but there’s no way to add graphics, logos, images etc.   Cool Geex

Mozilla Firefox Browser Super Speed

Who has time anymore these days to be waiting on your Internet browser to be loading sites with embedded videos, java, multi-media, large photos, graphics, widgets and plug-ins etc? The faster your browser, the happier you’ll be.  The newest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser won’t disappoint you.  Yes, Google’s Chrome is becoming an awesome

A Google Full Featured Task Manager

Is your Task Manager available online? Do you have a task manager that is accessible in the cloud and fully featured that integrates with the power-house player Google? Here’s a very cool option for Google users. GQueues is a simple task manager that integrates your daily tasks and projects and features Google calendar integration.  The

FREE Real Estate Training and Support

This August we are offering some great free training and support webinars, take a look then RSVP. We’re also presenting some of the Greatest Speakers and Industry Trainers, see below. AUGUST 2011 – TRAINING & SUPPORT CALENDAR FREE Real Estate Support and Training Webinars ZILLOW ACADEMY WELCOMES VIP SPECIAL GUESTS Look who’s coming to Zillow

The Ultimate Facebook Guide

Do you ever wonder if you’re using Facebook to it’s fullest potential? Are you using it properly and effectively? Can you be certain that you’re aware of all the tools available and that your design, content and implementation is the best it can be?  There’s no way to tell for sure, or to keep up

Tag Galaxy for Creative Photo Searches

Tag Galaxy is a site that lets you enter any “Tag” or “Keywords” or phrases then brings back all the related photos found that may match your search results. At first, I didn’t think much of it until I started selectively picking specific keywords and tags that brought back some really interesting and fun results.