Make Me Move – Are You Serious?

Take a look at this image below, what do you see?  Am I missing something here?  This is right from the Zillow search results for Atlanta, Georgia and if I’m not mistaken, this person has gone into the publicly accessed site and made some changes that I would find very interesting if I was a

How To Add Text Widget To Your Site

Matt Rains came up with an outstanding little text widget tool that works like a lucky charm.  To access and get the embed code for the text widget, just go to, fill out the form, and grab the code to be placed on your website, blog etc.  In the instructional video below, Matt walks

Google Plus + Minus The Confusion

It’s the next biggest move by Google with the Google + feature that’s been added to your search results at It may look small sitting over there on the side, but this may very well be the biggest and best thing Google has come up with since the search.   If you have a Google

Let Me Google That For You

Let Me Google That For You This is a long-overdue much requested article and thanks to a little pressure from my friend Lynn B. Friedman over at Zillow, I’m finally getting this written and published today. How to create the “Automatic Google Search” for anything you want, and how to add or install in on

Using Video To Reach Buyers and Sellers

Gary Gold does a great job explaining to both buyers and sellers why NOW is the time to buy and sell real estate in his Luxury Homes market located in sunny Southern California. “How to buy low and sell high in the Luxury Real Estate market. With a few tips from celebrity agent Gary Gold,

Tom Ferry’s 5 Pillars of Lead Generation

Coach Tom Ferry will be at Zillow Academy on May 17th at 10am PST discussing and sharing the “5 Pillars of Lead Generation” with real estate industry professionals all across the Country. The webinar event is FREE to those who register early enough before the virtual seats are gone. Tom will be sharing with attendees

Using Video To Promote Community

Here’s a video put together by a friend Ines Hegedus-Garcia of Miamism that show’s the day and night life of Miami, Florida. She was able to capture quite a few 2-3 second segments that when combined, give a real feel of the Miami area and community. You’ll notice the video is short, captivating, and never

How To Create a FREE Flash Website

How To Create a FREE Flash Website Disclaimer: There is a slight chance that after previewing this video, you may want to consult an expert programmer or hire someone familiar with this type of designing to complete a project like this for you. Note: Project ROME by Adobe was intended to explore the opportunity and