Monthly Archives: March 2011

Keep and Share Your Calendar

Zillow Academy launched a new calendar interface today using a much more robust and user friendly calendaring system. There are many calendar applications and sites on the web, but finding one that allows users to easily access specific days, weeks, and months without having to learn or navigate the interface seems like an ongoing task and challenge for many.  Keep and share seems to be one of the better calendaring systems out there.

The “Keep and Share” calendar interface at Zillow Academy seems to work very well on both sides of the user interface. For the Academy staff, they can interface live on the site making edits and changes easy and on-location. Readers and visitors can now register for FREE Webinars, Classes, and guest speakers from a single page or they can open the page for a detailed breakdown of each session including links to resources, relative images, and even access video.

The team at Zillow Academy prefer the new calendar over the old and are hoping that the regular attendees will feel the same. They are also very confident that all new visitors and guests will appreciate their constant motivation and passion to keep improving their online campus.

13 Second Video – 17.5 Million Views

In the past 13 days, this video has been viewed 1,900,000 million times. This is a new record for views on  The video may very hold the record on Youtube for the most viewed video under 15 seconds.  (this is unconfirmed)  There have been over 11,000 comments made, it’s been shared on Facebook over 12K times, and the average viewer is between the ages of 35-50 years old.

It’s true!  This 13 second video has been viewed on Youtube more than 17 1/2 million times.  There are three primary points I’d like to make about this particular video but before I do, let me explain a few details about it.  First of all, it is just raw video with no editing and no effects.  It was filmed at Lake Berryessa in Napa County CA.  What makes this video unique is that you’ll only see something like this when the Lake is over-full and the water is threatening to run over the damn. (seen in the background of the video)

3 Important Points:

  • This video is real, no editing or CGI effects as some will claim
  • The name of this specific location is correct and accurate
  • The chances you’ll ever see this thing “live” are slim to none

This drain in the lake is called “Morning Glory” and referred to by locals as “The Glory Hole.”  Now I know what some of you are thinking right now, and that’s just stinkin thinking.  Pilots of aircraft refer to this drain as “The Black Hole” because if you look at it from the air in either a plane or helicopter, it’s a huge black hole in the middle of the lake. So contrary to what you’ll see and read in the comments of this video, it is what it is.

Here’s a Google Earth Image of the Glory Hole from satellite.  I’m also including a link to the glory hole revealed so that those non-believers can see the real McCoy unveiled… up close and personal.  Standing next to this thing was one of the most eerie experiences.  Watching hundreds of thousands of gallons of water going down a drain only feet away from you is an experience you won’t soon forget if ever.  Here it is, The Black Hole – The Glory Hole.

The Black Hole – The Glory Hole