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What Is A Retirement Roadmap

This is one of those topics and posts that will grab your attention right out the gate.  What you think, may or may not be the furthest from the truth depending on what it it that you think?  That’s a brain-buster comment in and of its self.

What is really going to ruffle your feathers and get your tail wagging is what’s coming next.

A thought provoking video for those of us looking toward retirement and the “golden years!” An interesting yet almost startling perspective on the “what if” principle of our economy, our country, and our money.

WordPress Blog Training Videos

Here are a series of WordPress training videos to assist you with setting up and running your WordPress site.  Each video link  will help you with the early stages of navigation using the WordPress Blogging platform.


WordPress Video Tutorials by WordPress
Site-Ground WordPress Video Tutorials
32 Chapters of WordPress Video Training
ShoutMeLoud WordPress Video Tutorials

Looking for more WordPress Tutorials, Videos, and Help

WordPress.TV – How To WordPress
30 WordPress Video Tutorials

iThemes – WordPress 101 Video Tutorials

An Endless Supply of WordPress Training Videos

One Last Great Resource: :

Google Resources for Everything Google

The rumors, the myths, the unknown, and getting the inside secrets about Google’s search and their other tools and products have seemed like a hidden mystery for quite some time.  Getting answers in the past was more than just challenging, it seemed impossible. We would search the internet to find answers about Google, SEO, how Google search robots and algorithms work, etc. only to discover deep-linked dead ends.

So where does one go to find more information about the secrets, developments, new products, launches, changes, and the inside scoop at Google?  You can start right here.  It’s taken many years to find these Google sites and people that are willing to help answer our questions and that will share information to help us and our online business experiences.

The Google Mystery Tour is Over!

There are some great resources available out there, some better than others, but for those of you just wanting some simple answers to some of those difficult questions you’ve been asking like, “How is Google making improvements to its search algorithm?”  I’ve found a few sites and folks inside and around Google that don’t mind sharing.

Learn about the Evolution of Google search by exploring innovations
, features, and milestones in Search since they were founded way back in 1997. Check out Inside Google Search, you’ll love it!

Sites I suggest if you want to keep up-to-date with Google’s World & Playground

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