Contact Management for Business

If you can remember what you had for breakfast two weeks ago Tuesday, then you probably don’t need a CRM. That would mean you also know who you promised to contact two weeks from this Thursday as a follow-up call at 2:30pm. Most people can’t remember what they just read above so a good CRM

How To Add Google +1 To Websites

Now that Google +1 is starting to make its way into the streamline WebSphere as a significant player, I seem to be getting more and more requests asking how to add the Google +1 feature to websites and blogs etc.  The link below will help you create and Customize your +1 button and +Snippet. Adding

How To Target Listings on Craigslist

Here’s a really cool tutorial video by Mike Barrett who demonstrates how to target ANY MLS or IDX search to potential buyers on Craigslist. A good title with easy access to great content that looks pro is key. This How-to video includes how to capture any screen image and host it on the web using

How To Backup Your Facebook Content

How do you back up all your Facebook data? This is a common question I get asked frequently so it’s time to show you how.  The most important thing to know is that if you don’t back up your Facebook content and the site goes down or you get the boot, it will be gone

CAR Real Estate Expo in San Jose

The California Association of REALTORS Expo in San Jose, CA Each year, the California Association of REALTORS puts on an Industry Expo and event that has built and earned its reputation as one of the greatest Real Estate events in the entire state. Industry professionalscome from all over California to share and learn about new

WordPress Blog Training Videos

Here are a series of WordPress training videos to assist you with setting up and running your WordPress site.  Each video link  will help you with the early stages of navigation using the WordPress Blogging platform.   WordPress Video Tutorials by WordPress Site-Ground WordPress Video Tutorials 32 Chapters of WordPress Video Training ShoutMeLoud WordPress Video Tutorials

Google Resources for Everything Google

The rumors, the myths, the unknown, and getting the inside secrets about Google’s search and their other tools and products have seemed like a hidden mystery for quite some time.  Getting answers in the past was more than just challenging, it seemed impossible. We would search the internet to find answers about Google, SEO, how

How To Learn from Others’ Mistakes

Some of us simply have to learn by doing.  Others have the ability to learn from watching others make mistakes.  Hopefully you’re one that learns from reading this, watching the video, and then applying what you learn in the next 5 minutes to a life-long process of trying to succeed! In this video, Scott Stratten

Facebook is Making Privacy Changes

Facebook announced yesterday several improvements that are being made which will give users and members more control over specific areas regarding privacy.  These improvements will make it much easier for users to understand who will be able to see photos, posts, tags, and other content posted on the site. BEFORE: AFTER: The new privacy controls

How To Tweet in Google Plus

How do you tweet in Google +?   Well, without friends like Mike Mueller, the world may never know… I was following a few Tweets today and some Facebook friends who were posting some fun stuff on my wall when I came across this message on Twitter and then later, a link from Mike Mueller that